Saving Face

Saving Face


Saving Face is our soothing, healing, and acne busting charcoal face cleansing bar. Works great at curbing oil and dirt, detoxing your pores, and keeping your face fresh. This all natural face soap boasts with super oils and ingredients that combat acne.

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Charcoal cleansing bar for oily complexion
Savon à charbon de bois pour le teint huileux

Ingredients: olea europaea, cocos nucifera, butyrospremum parkii, azadirachta indica, persea gratissima, aqua, camellia oleifera, hippophae rhamnoides, avena sateva, montmotillonite, melaleuca alternifolia, mentha piperita, lavandula officinalis, magnesium carbonate, carbon, zinc oxide, aloe barbadensis

If irritation or rash occurs, discontinue use. 

En cas d'irritation ou d'éruption cutanée, cesser l'utilisation.